The Great Health Benefits of Green Tea You Should Know About

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The side effects of green tea are mostly positive unless the brand of tea you are drinking or the supplement you are taking contain a high caffeine content.

Green tea side effects occur due to the fact that most manufacturers use more than the required dosage of caffeine in their supplement. Usually an extract with 100mg would have 2-4 mg of caffeine, however some of the supplement manufacturers put as much as 500mg of caffeine in each capsule. This is done, especially in the green tea supplements for fat burners so whatever side effects you experience is due solely due to the high caffeine content and not from the tea itself.

Study has shown that an 8 oz cup contains between 10mg and 80mg of caffeine, therefore if you drink too many cups in a given day you might start experiencing problems such as nervousness, insomnia and anxiety. You should try to limit your consumption on a daily basis to no more than 4 cups.

Standardized green tea supplements have no negative side effects. Green tea supplements should have 80mg of catechins per 100mg of the extract. You should read the label of any supplement you are purchasing to make sure the catechin content is not lower than 80%. If it is lower try to find a supplement with a catechin content of 80%.

A side effect of green tea causes your blood to clot less. Therefore if you have an issue with bleeding or if you are preparing to do surgery do not take the supplement or drink the tea until it is safe to do so.

The benefits of green tea include better cholesterol levels, easier weight loss, the ability to better concentrate as well as increased energy. These benefits come about because of catechins in it. Catechins can help the body in various healthy ways such as the ability to aid in stomach disorders such as diarrhea, it also helps you to loose excess fluid, and reduce swelling.

There are a lot of talk about the fact that dietary supplements do not necessarily provide health benefits, however it all depends on what brand supplement you chose to take. To be effective a supplement has to be manufactured using the proper form of nutrients and the correct delivery mode.

A good supplement made of the correct concentration of all the required nutrients will provide you with the desired effects of long and lasting health.

Now that you have a very good idea of the benefits of green tea and what to look for in a good product you can make an educated decision which can be life changing and decide which supplement you wish to purchase.

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The Great Health Benefits of Green Tea You Should Know About

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This article was published on 2010/04/03