Powerful Benefits of Green Tea

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Green tea began appearing in smaller health food stores in perhaps the 70s, and ever since that time researchers have been uncovering the health-giving mysteries of this ancient food. As a natural stimulant, it can be part of your diet plan, while the antioxidants are good for your heart and cholesterol levels. In addition to that, more is being discovered about this incredible natural and healthy food from the East.

Truthfully, everyone should drink green tea every day; but now we'll talk about a couple of the reasons why we say that.

Decreasing your blood pressure plus making your heart stronger and healthier are the first two great benefits of green tea. This tea has fat burning capabilities, and then there's the effect of lowering your overall cholesterol - and increasing the good cholesterol. That is pretty amazing, we think, because when you drink it on a regular basis you can achieve these amazing results with your blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight. So, according to researchers, you'll need to drink about four cups a day of green tea to make that kind of impact on your health. If you find that this is more caffeine than you can handle, you can substitute a decaffeinated variety.

Practically everyone has heard the word, antioxidants, and they are incredibly powerful for the effects they have on the body. The antioxidants will help protect your body and detoxify you, and there are even possibilities for positive outcomes in certain types of cancer. Green tea has the most wonderful antioxidant called, EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), and the uses for it in your body are numerous and very healthy. This is why green tea is healthy for the same reasons that fresh fruits and vegetables are. For even better healthy, eat your veggies and fruit plus drink green tea throughout your day.

Another way green tea can improve your health is that, by giving you more energy and focus, it makes it easier for you to stick to an exercise program. What's so good about that is you can lose any excess weight faster and easier which will have positive impacts in other areas. Also, a lot of energy support supplements do not have the healthiest ingredients for many people. Higher than usual amounts of sugar and caffeine are contained in many energy drinks. You will receive about 50% the amount of caffeine in green tea that you will get from a cup of regular coffee.

As you have read, green tea is tremendously beneficial for overall health.

Who knows what more can be discovered about the health-giving abilities of this humble plant. Something that is natural like green tea tends to have a positive overall impact on health. This is why you may want to make green tea a part of your regular diet, no matter what your particular health concerns may be.

The benefits of green tea are enormous and powerful, and who knows what else will become known about it. This food is flexible because you can take it as capsule, other food alternatives, and of course drink the tea. If you take it regularly, you will enjoy more of the benefits.
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Powerful Benefits of Green Tea

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This article was published on 2010/10/12